I have worked with Tristan for 2 years. When I started out I was out of shape as I had been most of my adult life.

More than that I was becoming desperate and demoralized. I was beginning to feel that this was my lot and just part of aging, or at least that was my excuse. While I knew I had to do something I was at a complete loss to know what to do, and I didn’t believe it was really possible to change. Enter Tristan. 

Because of my lack of belief I needed someone to believe for me. That’s exactly what I got. I liked and respected Tristan’s personality and approach from the beginning, and my faith has paid off. 

Steve Finn - January 2016

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It's not easy for someone like me who wasn't used to training, but Tristan always supports and gives you the required tools so you don't give up.

I had two goals in mind, fat loss and muscle gain. Tristan started teaching me how to change my diet and set goals for the calories I could eat every day. In the meantime, he created and executed a plan that suited me, so we could maximize results... Every month he would take measurements, which I could also see online, and results were noticeable after the third month. I have achieved both goals and now I know how to eat better, healthier and am able to see training as a way of improving, not as a sacrifice that has to be done.

- Miquel Parejo - February 2016

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I've worked with Tristan for the past 14 months and achieved and now exceeded all of my weight loss, body fat % and muscle build targets

I'm now lighter, fitter and stronger than anytime in the past 20 years. Tristan has immense technical and nutritional knowledge and in a very calm, intelligent yet motivating way he has helped me build consistency and quality into all aspects of my training and diet through his training methods and App. I'd highly recommend working with Tristan to achieve your long term training and physical goals.

- Mark Carter - November 2016

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Tristan Hand