In January I walked into Tristan's studio, not quite sure what I was searching for, and was stopped in my tracks in thirty seconds when Tristan asked about my lifestyle choices, and why I embraced them. At the time, this included poor eating, drinking too much, working all hours and not spending enough time with my family. With no good answer to Tristan's questions I agreed to think, and over the course of a few weeks I did, and I could not come up with any good rationalization for the activities that Tristan challenged me on.   

I was in his studio by the end of January 2015, and the journey continues - 16 kilos lighter and stronger in every way. The feeling that I am approaching balance, and enjoying the journey towards it, has changed every aspect of my life. 

No matter where life may find you today, if you find yourself stuck, and perhaps not even aware that you are, and would like a guide and coach to work alongside you as you pursue balance, strength and peace, then have a conversation first with yourself, and then with Tristan. 


I found Tristan's company while searching online for a personal trainer. We met and he discussed his methods, and after a session or two he recommended a physical routine and diet target. I attended Tristan's gym twice a week for 6 months. 
I would have no reservations in recommending his company to any potential client. 

The results:
I went from 117kg to 97kg, and this continues to reduce.
I now can stop taking my daily blood pressure tablets.
I cannot remember the last time I felt or looked this good (so my friends and work associates who have not seen me in a while tell me) and I can honestly say my mental outlook and attitude to life has changed. My wife recently commented to a friend that she wondered if I was the same man!

What I would say is forget the cost, as when it's weighed against the benefits it's really only cents over the years of good health and habits you will enjoy. Please do not hesitate to contact me on for verification if required.

Thank you Tristan


I had two goals in mind, fat loss and muscle gain.

Tristan started teaching me how to change my diet and set goals for the calories I could eat every day (we used MyFitnessPal).

In the meantime, he created and executed a plan that suited me, so we could maximize results, training one day with him and 2 days at home, using the equipment he has advised me to get.

Every month he would take measurements, which I could also see online, and results were noticeable after the third month.

It's not easy for someone like me who wasn't used to training, but Tristan always supports and gives you the required tools so you don't give up.

I have achieved both goals and now I know how to eat better, I'm healthier, and am able to see training as a way of improving my life, not as a sacrifice that has to be made.