Eileen Dunne, Director at Darling Design

“I'm very happy to say that personal training with Tristan has been the single most effective thing I've ever done for my health/fitness. I started looking at Personal Training following an injury - I wanted some expert guidance that would allow me to get back into exercise without the risk of hurting myself again, and found I wasn't getting that kind of input in regular exercise classes.

Tristan's approach appealed to me immediately and really stood out from other trainers I looked at - his philosophy is much more about calm, intelligent progress rather than aggressive, competitive bootcamp style training - it just seemed so much more advanced. As soon as I met him for a consultation that was confirmed - he has a friendly, serious, supportive manner that immediately made me feel trust in him and his method.

I had intended to work with a trainer for a few months, but the experience of working with Tristan went so far beyond my expectations that I've stayed with him ever since. It has genuinely been transformative.

Tristan remains focussed on your goals, always keeping them clear in your mind and his, and constantly moving you towards them. I didn't see some dramatic weight loss after four weeks due to some starvation diet or brutal exercise regime - instead, it felt like my entire body was steadily rebuilt into a better, stronger, leaner version that is way beyond what I've ever experienced before.

The studio is an amazing space - cool, quiet, and really well-equipped. Tristan has his own app, meaning I can easily keep up with the plan he built for me in my own gym, or while travelling. And even though I resisted a little at first, I found the nutrition program he offers to be a total game-changer, and was one of the most effective steps in losing body fat that I was pretty sure was gonna stay with me for life!

I know that some women are afraid that weight training can bulk up muscle, but I can attest that this just isn't true - Tristan's methods delivered on my goals - which were losing body fat and toning up. Even though I'm much stronger now and have hit goals in the gym that I never imagined I could, I'm slimmer than I've ever been.

As a result of training with Tristan, I have genuinely never felt stronger, fitter, or more energised, and even more importantly, the positive effects on mood and mindset go way beyond the gym. It does require some investment of time and money, but I can't stress how much this has been worth it, for all the positives it has delivered in my life. Training with Tristan is a privilege and I feel very appreciative to be able to do it. I genuinely can't recommend him highly enough.”

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