Luis Franco, Managing Director EMEA at SurveyMonkey

“Faced with a difficult situation at work I made the decision to focus on my body, which I was neglecting since I had stopped racing motorcycles.

I was generally unhappy with the fact that I was overweight and weak. I had tried before to go at it alone but didn't really know what was the most effective solution to help me reduce my weight and get in shape. I would be able to diet and exercise for a few months, hit a certain goal but then couldn't make it stick.

The focus on my career limited my willingness to make time to train. With a shift in priorities (less engaged with work), I was able to make the time to train and now it's a habit that makes me feel good, specially because strength training is more aligned with my personality then trying to do cardio or other type of exercises.

Training with TH is much more personalized and tailor made which helps with making sure that we stick with it and incorporate the habits onto our daily lives.

I expected it to be similar to other personal trainers I worked in the past, that are very focused on whatever is the latest trend or whatever the gym wants them to "sell" while with TH there's much more science to it and an investment of time in finding the best solution for the specific case of the individual.

The biggest surprise was that I really enjoy the training, doesn't feel like a chore or a pain. What makes me happiest is how my new fitness level allows me to push myself harder on the race track!

Life now looks much better, I feel more powerful and healthier and like I will be around for my family longer than what the previous trajectory would allow.

What you spend I believe it's worth it because I think that the health benefits will pay off in the long term. For someone who’s thinking of working with TH, try it for a couple of months, you won't regret it and will start seeing results if you keep it consistent.

TH has an approach different from other PTs and really focuses on what's appropriate to your situation and your style ,which will make it very effective because it will be easier for you to stick with something that you like, instead of trying to incorporate work that you wont like and won't be effective.”