Dervla Browne, Senior Council

“I had an inability to maintain weight loss and lack of progress with personal fitness which prompted me to get in touch with Tristan and TH Training. I had tried every diet known to womankind and I had a good pt who was no longer available.

The main difference with what I did with TH Training and what I had been doing up to that point, is the combination of fitness and nutrition (but only if you want of course). In my experience with other personal trainers, weights and/or cardio was all they were concerned with.

In terms of my expectations of what training would be like though, everything was different. Difference in way I approached things. Constant measuring. Home work between studio sessions was important. Time in studio for improvement and testing. Different machines to what I had used before. A lot of different exercises.

There was a moment I realized I could do things I had not been able to do at the start. There had been gradual unseen improvement. Plus I knew my weight had been going down and I felt great. The ability to do exercise I hadn’t done before despite training for years was what was really most surprising.

What really makes the time, effort and money worth it, is that the value is not just in studio. 24 hours a day I feel able to talk, text etc. and the home programme is really effective (once I do it) which is another huge difference to other programmes. 

Why I would recommend this over any other solution though is there is on-going support in a very non-confrontational, non-invasive way and Tristan is a really nice person to work with.”