Dave & Deirdre Thomas

“Before we started working with Tristan and TH Training, our biggest issue was flexibility and we had also put on a lot of weight since we retired. We love to travel and had started to look at less strenuous places to go to. So I think we started feeling old. We did a lot of walking but was not helping.

We needed a disciplined approach and we talked and started to investigate what would work for us. Being in our sixties we felt that a personal trainer would be more beneficial for us.

We had only done cycling and walking before, so once we started the training by comparison was very different.

We found that the improvement in our flexibility was the most noticeable. The moment we realised what we were doing was working, was and still is a great feeling. Feeling able again. Not wondering can you make it up that hill knowing you can

What surprised us the most was how much more confident we feel. Now with the changes we have made we feel there are endless possibilities and a willingness to try different sports and activities we thought we would never be able for.

The investment in training is very definitely worth it. We feel that the discipline of training at home and with the trainer and getting into a routine has been the reason we have seen so much improvements 

If you are feeling on the fence about training, we can tell you that it is worth investing in getting your life and body back into shape. Its money well spent that will allow you enjoy life much more.”