Maximilian T

"I wanted to lose weight, get slimmer and healthier, but I didn't know where to start! I had tried different diets, multiple different self-managed exercise programs and I'd tried my best to adjust my diet, however I was only making minimal progress. After that bit of progress, I would get stuck and plateau.

I was ashamed of the way I looked, and didn't feel confident to train in public. However, after many frustrations I was ready for a change. I decided I'd get expert advice and try to lose weight "properly" rather than playing a guessing game.

When I started I felt more confident, as instead of having to guess everything for myself, I had someone to ask questions of, confide in, and also to get guidance from. So when I'm worried or unsure, rather than keeping it to myself, I trust Tristan and he'll find a solution/ an answer for me. It takes a lot of the stress out of the process, so I can focus on eating and exercising correctly rather than having to blaze my own path for everything.

I expected there to be a lot more effort involved. Since we started small and made progress, I had time to get used to everything, rather than getting thrown in at the deep end, and then trying frantically to swim.

It felt amazing to finally see tangible results. I got a lot more confidence from it, as I had previously thought that there was no way I could make progress. I had started to lose hope, but my hopes were restored.

What surprised me the most, was how it's possible to start slowly, in a step-by-step fashion while still seeing results. Without having to work myself to death, I kept improving.

feel a lot more confident about my choices in food, and in my ability to work out regularly. Even if I have a week without progress, Tristan provides great support, so instead of over-correcting, I am able to be patient and stick with the program.

So far it's been totally worth it. I'm starting to achieve my goals, while staying happy and healthy. Having someone knowledgeable and supportive in my corner allows me to avoid the mistakes I made in the past while still seeing progress.

If someone was on the fence about starting, I’d tell him that Tristan knows what he's talking about, carefully listens to my concerns and figures out the best way to achieve the goals we set together. As long as he'd be willing to follow the program, he'd be able to achieve his goals and get the results he's looking for."