Maeve Power, Divisional Financial Controller, Corporate and Treasury at Bank of Ireland

“Before I started to train with Tristan, I didn’t think I could find the time, nor the motivation to start. Once I started and goals were set, the guidance was clear and simple. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly I could progress. This gave me the motivation to progress more. Soon, finding the time wasn’t an issue, as it was something I enjoyed.


With personal training, you get full and personalised focus on what you’re doing right or wrong, and how to improve. You don’t get that in a class in the gym. The app is great as you know exactly what you should be doing, and it is tailored to your personal progress.


Today, I’ve  met  my goals, which I was unsure were achievable at the beginning. There are other benefits too, I’m  feeling healthier, and eating and sleeping much better.


I would thoroughly recommend training with Tristan.  If  you’re thinking about starting, give it a try.”