From Our Clients - Luis Franco

Luis came to us after realising he didn’t want his health to keep suffering while commuting Lisbon to Dublin every week for work.

He’s now at a place where his health is no longer an issue, has the physique he wanted and it’s just about fine tuning his body for what he loves; motorcycle racing.

Here’s his full story:

Luis Franco, 42, Managing Director EMEA at SurveyMonkey

“You know I turned 40 and I went to a doctor to do a checkup and the results that came back were not the best.

I could very quickly become a diabetic or suffer a stroke.”

Luis’s Starting Point

“The programs or the techniques I used before they were not really sustainable.

I would relapse back to my usual habits and my usual form which wasn't the best.”


Luis’s Goals - Health + Fat Loss

“Driven by trying to be healthy and prolong my life, I tried to find something that I could stick with for the long term.

I wanted to get my medical tests back in order or to be a bit better, cholesterol levels, glucose levels etc

The other one was lose weight I was very heavy and I didn't feel comfortable with that.”


Luis’s Obstacles - Work + Travel

“The biggest obstacle was always how much I would work and how much I would spend time traveling around the world.

For me it didn't seem like left a lot of time to dedicate to exercising and eating well.”


Luis’s Results - Health + Body

“So I checked my medical results:

In late 2016 and now at the end of 2018 and I have a clean bill of health.

I will never become diabetic, at least  that’s what the doctor said.

No risk of cardiovascular disease.

Very different picture from before I started.

Physically I feel much better as well and now it's just continue to fine-tune.”


Luis’s Training - Working with TH Training

“It is it is very different from what I used or tried in the past.

Initially it can seem counterintuitive because it's not like what you're used to see or what everyone else has done.

As tailor-made as you can get and really focused on what you need and where you are at your point of your progression.

It's definitely worth the investment.

It is a step change in you know to approach health and fitness.”

Luis’s Nutrition - What he learned

“I didn’t used to drink enough water.

Too much starchy foods, too much carbohydrates, anytime of the day.

Not enough protein, not enough vegetables.

It's now second nature to how I plan meals.

And now I've stopped drinking coffee after lunch.

Because I understood what was the impact in sleep and how not sleeping well was impacting the ability to get results.”


Luis’s Mindset - Find your spark

“The outcome is the same:

So it's basically being healthy and have a fitness level that helps you lead a healthy life.

But I think it will be different for each individual, what will be the driver or the spark that will lead to what is a fundamental change in terms of results and outcomes.

I now know what was that spark for me,

I don’t know what it will be for someone else.

But it's important to find what it is so  that you make a change.”

Tristan Hand