Here is a non-exaustive list of equipment for training at home, both at a minimal level and then where if you have the space to create the ultimate home training setup (no gym required)


A quality training mat

Something for you to train on no matter where you are

Suspension Trainer / Gymnastic Rings

Allows row variations and can be attached to door frames

Set of Resistance Bands

Allowing further rowing variations and adds resistance to squats, pushups and other exercises

Dumbbells in increasing weights of 5, 10, 15 & 20kg

Your first port of call for adding external resistance to your workout

Kettlebells starting with the lightest and increasing 8, 16 ,24 & 32kg

Allowing for kettlebell movements such as swings, cleans, presses and can be substituted for some dumbbell movements


Allowing for dips, inverted rows, incline pushups and other bodyweight movements

Plyo Box

Allowing varying heights for squats, step ups and incline pushups

Lacrosse Ball

A simple tool for working out tight tissue which can happen from training

Foam Roller

A more global tool for loosening up tight tissue