Client Testimonial - Matthew Ruddy

"Before I started training, I regularly didn't have any energy, I would be tired come 3 or 4 p.m. most days, even though I've had one or two coffees.

I knew I wanted to get into the gym, when I spent possibly 2 years in the gym but making no progress.

I like to believe I knew what I was doing, but I didn't.

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The top three reasons that you shouldn't be burning calories to lose weight or lose fat aka exercising.

When you train or strength train you are building muscle or trying to retain the existing muscle you have.

When you are dropping calories to lose weight or lose body fat, we want it all to come from that body fat.

If you don't train at the same time, you are going to lose that from muscle as well and this is where your your dieting comes in.

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One Quick Tip To Diet Through Holidays

Yet again it seems like another bank holiday.

For some of us they just keep coming round and round.

On the surface to everyone it's like:

"Yes I get another weekend off!"

But on the other side are those people that are trying to make differences to their lives, to their health, to their fitness

and they're trying to stick to a better way of eating or better way of drinking and find it that bit harder at this time.

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Tristan Hand
Chili Beef Recipe

Cooking and eating food that delivers the right nutrition you need in the right amounts doesn't have to be hard or boring.

Here's a simple chili recipe that even has beer, chocolate and coffee in it (the coffee bit is missing from the video :( ).

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From Our Clients - Luis Franco

Luis came to us after realising he didn’t want his health to keep suffering while commuting Lisbon to Dublin every week for work.

He’s now at a place where his health is no longer an issue, has the physique he wanted and it’s just about fine tuning his body for what he loves; motorcycle racing.

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Tristan Hand